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Laporta 'disappointed' by Xavi over Clásico loss

Barcelona president Joan Laporta is very frustrated with Xavi Hernandez and his team after the 2-1 defeat by Real Madrid in the Clásico last Saturday, Sport reported.

The Catalan president's anger was overwhelming, and Xavi and his coaching staff informed him immediately after the match, as Laporta considered the Clásico an important opportunity for domestic dominance, and Barcelona should never lose it under any circumstances.

Laporta expected Barcelona to have the advantage given the massive investment in players in the last two years, and thus achieve domestic dominance that will be the gateway to returning to European titles again after a long period of absence.

Barcelona's management believed they should not lose at least in El Clasico, especially as the defeat now took the gap with Real to 4 points ahead of a very busy and difficult schedule in November.

The importance of the Clásico match was not only sports, but this particular match carried many meanings from an institutional point of view after the absence of Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, and in light of the tensions between the two poles of Spanish football.

In any case, Xavi's position, despite Laporta's frustration, is still safe, and the president and his management have absolute confidence in the coach and give him full support, but at the same time they expect more positive results from him until the end of this year, especially domestically so that the gap does not increase further with Real Madrid.

Barcelona lost the first-round Clásico last season as well, but eventually managed to win La Liga.

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