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Kroos: El Clásico deprived us of a "fun" brawl between Rudiger and Ramos

Real Madrid's Toni Kroos has claimed that Antonio Rudiger would have treated Sergio Ramos differently during their dispute over the Real Madrid match and Sevilla, had it not been for his fear of missing the Clásico match against Barcelona.

Had the German defender received one yellow card, he would have been suspended against Barcelona for accumulating cards, and he would have put coach Carlo Ancelotti in a difficult position with Eder Militão's injury and lack of solutions.

Ramos provoked Rodriger, grabbed his face and drew a smile, and unexpectedly the former Chelsea defender did not respond to him, surprising everyone.

Kroos spoke about the incident in remarks quoted by the newspaper AS by saying, "I was away from the incident by virtue of my position on the field, but as we have all seen, things became heated between them and if not for the next match is El Clasico, Rudiger would have responded to Ramos."

"Really take the hat off to Rudiger, it would have been more fun if he had responded to Ramos, but he reacted slowly to realise that the next game would be El Clásico and he would be out if he did anything wrong."

Kroos also revealed that the dispute had been resolved after the match in the dressing room, and called the Spanish defender "one of the best defenders and leaders" in football history.

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