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Jota stands in solidarity with Diaz after kidnapping of his parents

Liverpool's Diogo Jota has lent support to team-mate Luis Diaz after the kidnapping of his father and mother, during the Reds' Nottingham Forest Premier League match.

Diaz's father and mother were kidnapped on Saturday at a Colombian gas station after an exchange of gunfire, and his mother has reportedly been released, while news of the father remains unknown.

As a result of these events, coach Jurgen Klopp decided to exclude Diaz from the Nottingham match in recognition of his personal crisis, while Jota did not forget him and decided to support him in his own way.

The Portugal international scored the front goal for the Reds against their guests in the 31st minute, went to the bench and brought Diaz's shirt to celebrate in solidarity and support for him.

At the same time, the latest reports indicated that the Colombian police have offered 200 million pesos as a reward to anyone who provides useful and important information about the site of the kidnapping of Luis Díaz's father.

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