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Inter Miami reunite Suarez and Messi again

According to press reports, Luis Suarez is on the cusp of joining Inter Miami in the upcoming winter transfer window, to once again mate his closest friend, Lionel Messi.

From 2014 to 2020, Messi played with Suarez at Barcelona, and they have a very unique relationship both personally and on the pitch.

Suarez is currently active in the Brazilian team Gremio, and his contract expires there at the end of this year, and the Uruguayan international decided to end his trip in the country of samba on this date.

The newspaper "El Pais" confirmed that Suarez reached an agreement with the management of Inter Miami on all the details to join the American club starting next January.

Suarez's contract in the United States will be for a year with the possibility of renewal for an additional year, with his salary being one of the largest at the club owned by English football legend David Beckham.

Suarez is 36 years old, yet he has managed to score 10 goals for Gremio and booked a starting position, and should be a big addition to Inter Miami when he succeeds Joseph Martinez as outright striker.

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