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Guardiola reveals Haaland's injury and his absence duration

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has reassured the English club's fans about Erling Haaland's condition after being injured in the last Bournemouth game.

The Norway international left the match at half-time after suffering an injury, while the Spanish philosopher's battalion won by six goals.

Haaland's injury alarmed many, so Guardiola came out after the game and talked about it, saying: "Haaland's injury is an ankle sprain, and he felt discomfort at half-time."

"We didn't want to risk Haaland, so we decided to replace him and rest him."

As for the expected duration of his absence from the stadiums, Guardiola stressed that it will not be long, perhaps non-existent.

"He will play in the game next Tuesday, and if not, he will be with us next Sunday."

Manchester City face the Young Boys on Tuesday in the Champions League, after which they will be on a date with a big summit against Chelsea in the Premier League.

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