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Guardiola: Manchester City has become an "absolute reality" and we will never stop

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has insisted his team's strength and presence among the big boys is an "absolute reality" even if some don't like to hear it.

Before 2008, City was not one of the Premier League's top players, but since the club was acquired by Emirati owners and turned 180 degrees, it has become one of the giants of Europe, not just domestically.

During the Manchester derby press conference, Guardiola spoke about it by saying: "Now Manchester City is an absolute fact, we want to continue in the big boys for as long as possible, we will never stop."

"It may be uncomfortable for some because we weren't elite teams before, but we've been there in recent years, now we're there, and we want to be there in the future."

Asked about Manchester United and the criticism of manager Erik ten Hag, he replied: "They've only played nine games, they have the ability to win five or six games in a row and then they'll be with us in the top places."

"Give them some time and let the coach do his job. Manchester United is still as soon as anything happens in it, its news immediately surfaces, it's difficult."

It is worth noting that Manchester City before the derby is in third place with 21 points, while Manchester United is in eighth place and has 15 points.

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