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Garnacho accused of racism for calling Onana a "gorilla"!

Manchester United's Alejandro Garnacho has found himself under investigation by the English Football Association for racism charges against his Reds team-mate, Andre Onana.

The Cameroonian saved a penalty against Copenhagen at the last minute on Tuesday as United claimed an important 1-0 win in the third round of the Champions League.

Among the celebrations of Onana was Garnacho's post on his X account by placing a picture of his colleague with a "gorilla" emoji on top of it.

The FA considered the symbol to be a racist abuse of the guard, before Onana himself intervened and rejected the idea in form and substance.

The former Inter goalkeeper wrote on Instagram in response to the accusation to his team-mate: "People can't choose the thing that insults me, I know exactly what Garnacho meant, strength and toughness, things should not be exaggerated."

The crisis should have ended with Onana asserting that he does not feel racist from Garnacho's tweet on the one hand, and on the other hand that the Argentine international has already deleted the tweet.

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