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Former Liverpool player assaults and injures his coach in training!

Montpellier training witnessed an unfortunate incident, when player Mamadou Sakho assaulted his coach Michel der Zakarian following a minor dispute between them, according to the newspaper "L'Equipe".

Despite the great experience of Sakho, who has great experience at Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain, he could not control his temper when his coach did not count him a mistake and decided to leave training.

At this moment, Der Zakarian calmly dealt with the situation, telling the French international that he was not the one to determine when he would come out of training, and the altercation between them began and reached a climax after the coach called his player a "crying baby".

Following Der Zakarian's words, Sakho knocked him to the ground and beat him so that L'Equipe says the coach suffered wounds and his precious chain bearing his family's picture was cut off.

Montpellier have yet to make a decision on Sakho and what will happen to him, with the 32-year-old's contract with the French club still extended until the end of the season.

Sakho's anger at his coach may be understood when looking at his statistics this season, as he has only played six minutes so far nine rounds after the start of the French league.

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