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EPL opens the door to Zamalek's participation in the Super due to the new board

Despite earlier assurances that Zamalek will not participate in the Egyptian Super Cup in its new format, EPL has returned and opened the door for the White Knight to be present in the competition to be held in the UAE.

Zamalek withdrew from the Super last season in front of Al Ahly, and is supposed to issue a penalty against the white club by depriving him of participating in the Super this season.

But Tharwat Swailem, spokesman for EPL, said that this may change after the arrival of Hussein Labib to the presidency of Zamalek.

Swailem said in a media interview "Certainly the presence of Zamalek in the Super is a good thing for everyone, especially with the new form of the competition, but so far the final decision has not been taken in this regard."

"The decision will be made in the coming days, but perhaps with the change of the board of directors and the desire of the Labib management to open a new page, things are very different in the treatment with Zamalek."

The Egyptian Super is scheduled to be held in the form of the Spanish and Saudi Super Cup, with the participation of 4 teams, namely the League’s champions Al-Ahly, and the runner-up Pyramids, next to the League Cup champion, Ceramica Cleopatra, and the champion of the Egyptian Cup, and since Al-Ahly will play the cup final with Zamalek, the White Knight is supposed to participate as the cup champion even if he loses the title.

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