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Big competition between Egypt and Morocco for "The best in Africa" 2023 awards

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has announced the list of nominees for the various Best in Africa awards for 2023, the dominant feature of which is the competition between Egypt and Morocco.

The Best of the Best Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place on Monday, December 11, 2023 in Marrakech, Morocco.

CAF divides the African Player of the Year award into two awards, the first for players active within the African continent, and the second for all players inside or outside the continent.

The voting period for the best awards includes the 2022 World Cup, which was historic by all accounts for the continent after Morocco reached the semi-finals for the first time in the history of African teams.

In this report from FanzWord you will find lists of candidates for the best in Africa with an analytical look at them.

Nominees for the African Player of the Year Award 2023

It seems difficult to predict who will win the best player in Africa, where there are many names that shone last year, such as Salah, Napoli striker Osimhen, and even Sadio Mane despite his modest season with Bayern, as well as Achraf Hakimi, the Moroccan champion in the World Cup with more than one other player such as Hakim Ziyech, Azzedine Onahi and Sofiane Amrabat.

The list includes two names from Algeria, Riyad Mahrez and Rami Bensbaini, with a single name from Tunisia, Mohamed Ali Ben Ramadan, and a heavy Egyptian presence of Al Ahly players.

List of nominees for the African Player of the Year Award 2023

· Rami Ben Sebaini

· Riyad Mahrez

· Edmund Tabsuba

· Frank Angissa

· Vincent Abubakar

· Sekou Fofana

· Chancel Mpemba

· Mahmoud Abdel Moneim "Kahraba"

· Mohamed Abd El , Moneim

· Mohamed El , Shenawi

· Mohamed Salah

· Muhammad Quddus

· Thomas Partey

· Serho Gerasi

· Yves Bisuma

· Ashraf Hakimi

· Ezzedine Onahi

· Hakim Ziyash

· Sofyan Amrabat

· Yahya Jubran

· Yassine Bono

· Yousef Alnasiri

· Peter Shalueli

· Victor Osimhen

· Sadio Mane

· Babi Matar Saar

· Percy Tao

· Muhammad Ali Bin Ramadan

African Player of the Year (from within the continent) 2023 nominees

When talking about the award for the best player within the continent, the competition is clear between the players of Al-Ahly and Wydad, and some Mamelodi Sundowns players are also shown in the picture, as well as the champions of the USM Algiers.

Al Ahly activist Percy Tau may be among the most likely players to win the award after his impressive form with Al Ahly recently, but other names also remain in their chances compared to the great convergence of levels among everyone in the past year.

List of nominees for the African Player of the Year (within the continent) 2023:

· Ayman Mahyous

· Osama Benbot

· Zain al-Din Baeed

· Miley Fiston

· Maccabi Lilibo

· Hussein Al , Shahat

· Mohamed Abdel Moneim "Kahraba"

· Mohamed Abd El , Moneim

· Mohamed El , Shenawi

· Djiejoy Diarra

· Yahya Attia Allah

· Yahya Jubran

· Mostafa Fathi

· Yousef Almuteea

· Percy Tao

· Ranga Shivavero

· Ronwen Williams

· Ali Maaloul

Nominees for Best Coach in Africa Award 2023

Perhaps this award is the only one that is practically decided, and after his historic achievement with Morocco, Walid Regragui is almost guaranteed to be the best coach in Africa 2023.

In practice, there is no rival other than Al Ahly's Egyptian coach, Marcel Koller, who led the Red Genie to the CAF Champions League, Egyptian league and Egypt Cup last season.

List of nominees for the Best Coach in Africa Award 2023

· Abdul haq Bin Sheikha

· Marcel Koller

· Juan Mitcha Obiang

· Tom Santviet

· Passero Kandy

· Amir Abdo

· Walid Al , Rakraki

· Chikunho Kondi

· Aliou Cisse

Other awards

Awards include Best Club in Africa, as well as Young Player, Best National Team and Best Goalkeeper.

The goalkeepers award in particular is heavily tilted to Yassine Bounou, who finished 13th in the Ballon d'Or vote a few days ago.

Also, there is no voice louder than Morocco's voice when talking about the award for the best team.

List of nominees for the Best Goalkeeper in Africa Award 2023

· Mohamed El , Shenawi

· Yassine Bono

· Andre Onana

· Ronwen Williams

· Eduardo Mendy

· Osama Benbot

· Yousef Almuteea

· Djiejoy Diarra

· Babi Mamadou C

· Landing Badji

List of nominees for Best Team in Africa 2023

· Chabab Belouizdad


· ASEC Mimosa

· Al , Ahli Bank

· Please

· Wydad

· Mamioldi Sundowns

· Maromu Galantes

· Esperance

· Young Africans

List of nominees for the Best African Team Award 2023

· Cape Verde

· Gambia

· Guinea-Bissau

· Equatorial Guinea

· Mauritania

· Morocco

· Muzmbique

· Namibia

· Senegal

· Tanzania

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