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Bellingham to Gavi: Stop, kid!

A sensational rift appears to have erupted between Jude Bellingham and Gavi during the La Liga clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Saturday night.

The newspaper "Defensa Central" revealed that Gavi took to pay Bellingham more than once, which provoked the anger of the English star and made him at one time direct strongly phrases to him, and calls the Spanish player a "child".

According to the newspaper, Bellingham told Gavi: "Hello kid, you pushed me four times in a row, don't push me anymore."

The former Borussia Dortmund player was the star of El Clasico, after scoring two goals with which he led Real to return from the Olympic stadium Luis Combanes with three points.

Perhaps the strange thing about this story is that Bellingham is one year older than Gavi, the former has 20 years and the other 19, but it is clear that the way the pair deal on the pitch is considerably different.

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