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Bayern Munich is betting on Mbappe's financial sacrifices to sign him in 2024

Updated: Nov 16

Frenchman Kylian Mbappé, Paris Saint-Germain player

The German Sport 1 network reported that Kylian Mbappe has always been on the minds of Bayern Munich officials, and that contracting with the Paris Saint-Germain star is not impossible, as coach Thomas Tuchel said in recent days.

The Bavarian giant's coach had mocked the possibility of Bayern including Mbappe when asked about it, but he wished that the French star would wear the German club's shirt, to the point of being willing to go and bring him on a bike to the Allianz Arena.

The 24-year-old's contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires in the summer of 2024, meaning he can move for free to any club.

According to the German network, Mbappe is highly regarded within Bayern Munich, and the idea of contracting with him received support from the two most important leaders in the Bavarian club, Uli Hoeneß and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

But at the same time, the only and most prominent obstacle to Mbappe’s move to Bayern is that his annual salary exceeds the 100 million euro barrier, a number that is impossible for the club to pay.

Bayern Munich is keen on a salary scale that is in line with its economic situation, so that the highest-ranking player on coach Thomas Tuchel’s team receives only 25 million euros annually.

Thus, Bayern's only bet in contracting with Mbappe lies in his awareness of the value of the club and that it will achieve many titles, and accordingly, it prefers this glory rather than making huge sums of money as offered to him at Paris Saint-Germain.

Another factor that may make the French international prefer Bayern is coach Thomas Tuchel, with whom he has a special relationship since they worked together at PSG for two years.

It is noteworthy that, according to Spanish reports, Real Madrid withdrew from the Mbappe deal, while Paris Saint-Germain confirmed that it will continue trying to convince the player to renew his contract.​

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