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Barcelona targets its “injured” former star to replace Gavi!

Updated: Nov 22

احتفال سابق للاعبي برشلونه تياجو الكانتارا وتشافى الونسو

Barcelona's management began looking into ways to replace Gavi in his long absence, and the option of signing Thiago Alcantara, Liverpool player, appeared as one of the good ideas given the player's abilities and history at Camp Nou.

Alcantara began his football career with Barcelona, but in 2013, with the arrival of Pep Guardiola to coach Bayern Munich, he moved with him to the Bavarian club, before moving in 2021 to Liverpool.

Despite his distinguished career with Bayern and before that with Barcelona, Thiago suffered many injuries with Liverpool, which greatly undermined his experience with coach Jurgen Klopp’s squad.

According to "Sport" newspaper, Barcelona likes the idea of signing Alcantara, especially since his contract with Liverpool expires at the end of this season, which makes his price affordable for the Catalan club.

On the other hand, the player’s potential, in addition to his great relationship with Xavi Hernandez, makes him an ideal choice at all levels to compensate for Gavi’s absence and fill the gap in midfield.

Barcelona will lose the efforts of its 18-year-old star for 9 months after he suffered a cruciate ligament tear while participating with the Spain national team against Georgia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Barcelona has the right to make a compensation deal next January, outside the laws of fair financial play, but on the condition that the new player’s contract extends only to the end of the season, in addition to his salary reaching a maximum of 80% of Gavi’s salary.

It remains to be noted that Thiago did not play any matches with Liverpool this season due to injury, and is expected to return to the stadiums again at the beginning of next year.

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