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Barcelona sets a "far" date to tribute Messi

Lionel Messi's talk after the Ballon d'Or ceremony about his love for Barcelona and being affected by his poor departure seems to have been quickly repulsed by the Catalan club's management headed by Joan Laporta.

Messi was crowned with the eighth Ballon d'Or in his career on Monday in the French capital, Paris, and during his subsequent speech he confirmed that he is still following Barcelona and that he loves the best club in history for him, but he did not hide his disappointment with the way he left and did not receive the honor that befits his career at Camp Nou.

The newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" confirmed that the Barcelona management is in contact with the Messi family and plans a huge and big tribute to him, but that will happen after a time that seems rather long.

According to the report, the Barcelona management plans to honor Messi a year from now, specifically in November 2024 after returning again to the Camp Nou.

Barca's historic stadium is undergoing a thorough development at the moment, forcing the club to go to the Luis Combanes Olympic Stadium to play its matches this season in all competitions.

The historic stadium will return to receive matches from next season, and the Barcelona management wants to be honoring Messi on the stadium where he scattered his magic for nearly twenty years.

The reason for choosing November 2024 is because the stands will be 60% complete and thus ensure the presence of the largest number of fans to pay tribute to their favorite legend Messi.

It is noteworthy that Messi played with Barcelona 778 matches in all competitions, during which he scored 672 goals and assisted 303 others, and was crowned the Champions League 4 times, the Spanish league 10 times, and the Copa del Rey 7 times, with many other individual and collective achievements.

In the summer of 2021, Messi left Barcelona at the end of his contract and the inability of Laporta's management to renew due to the financial crisis that has hit the Catalan club in recent years.

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