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Barcelona close to restoring their star in the Clásico

According to reports from the newspaper "Marca" that Barcelona is in the process of recovering at least one player from the list of injured in the Clásico against Real Madrid next Saturday.

The list of injured Catalan club includes 6 names, namely Jules Conde, Sergio Roberto, Robert Lewandowski, Frenkie de Jong, Pedri and Rafinha.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Rafinha is the closest of all those names to be present against Real Madrid after recovering from his injury completely and in the final days of the qualifying phase.

What is certain at the moment is that the injured players will not be involved in this week's Champions League match against Shakhtar and will continue to work to make it possible for someone to join the Clásico.

Pedri and Rafinha were expected to return to Barcelona training on Monday, but that did not happen, but Marca confirms that the Brazilian in particular is in good shape and will likely join the match against Real Madrid.

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