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Araujo: Refereeing is the reason we lost the Clásico

Barcelona's Ronald Araujo attributed his team's defeat in El Clásico to Real Madrid to the "refereeing decisions" that turned the game upside down.

Araujo talks here about a shot of Aurelene Chouameni tackling him while the score indicated Barcelona leading 1-0, and here the Uruguayan asked for a penalty, but the referee did not care much about the shot.

Real Madrid then equalised and then the winner in the last minute thanks to Jude Bellingham, angering Araujo with the referee and blaming him for the defeat.

The centre-back, who came on as a right-back, spoke to the press after the match: "Xiaomini pushed me, it was a penalty, the referee should have at least returned to VAR."

"That would have meant we went 2-0 up and then everything would be different."

As for the defeat, he said: "We lost the Clásico last season also in the first leg, but in the end we won the title, we just need to move forward now."

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