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Announcing the rule of the Classico. A bad omen for Barcelona

The Spanish Football Federation announced, on Thursday evening, the appointment of referee Jesus Jel Manzano to manage the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Clasico, which will be held next Saturday at Luis Combanes Olympic.

History could be a bad omen for Barcelona, as Manzano has already managed the Clásico twice, both of which Real Madrid won.

The first Clásico managed by Manzano was in 2014 and won by Real 3-1, while the second came in 2021 and ended with a 2-1 victory for the Merengue.

Manzano was also the hero of Robert Lewandowski's famous crisis in the Osasuna match last season, after he expelled him and caused him to be suspended for 3 games amid great indignation from Barcelona fans and official moves from the club's management against him.

In addition, Manzano has shown a red card to Barcelona players 10 previous times, including the legendary Lionel Messi.

Manzano is also more famous than a red card for Real Madrid players such as Raphael Varane, Gareth Bale, Pepe and Casemiro.

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