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AI identifies 2024 UEFA Champions League champion

The famous statistics company Opta has carried out a new experiment of its kind, when it gave its computer all the necessary data on all the teams participating in the Champions League this season to choose who will win the tournament.

The result is that Manchester City would retain their title and win the Champions League for the second year in a row, with a probability of 32.4%.

The second favorite to win the Champions League from a computer point of view is Real Madrid with 13.1%, followed by Bayern Munich with 12.9%.

Although Arsenal has not been in the final of the Champions league for nearly twenty years, and is participating this season for the first time in many years, the computer chose it as the fourth candidate to crown the title with 7.6%, then Inter runner-up last edition with 6.9%.

Barcelona are dreaming of returning to European glory, and despite the enormous deals, they have won the Champions League this season at just 6.2%.

Ultimately, the computer relies on a set of numbers and statistics that differ from what might happen on the pitch.

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