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Ahmed Fattouh mocks Zamalek and refuses to attend the investigation

Ahmed Fattouh, Zamalek's left-back, continued to stir controversy, this time after mocking the board's decision to put him up for sale.

Fattouh was one of three players who left the team camp before the Zed match without permission from coach Juan Carlos Osorio, and then the coach rule them out and the management announcing their suspension.

Sunday's meeting saw a strict disciplinary decision by Hussein Labib's management to put Fattouh, Mohamed Sobhi and Mustafa Zanari up for sale, with their suspension and investigation according to FIFA rules.

But Fattouh's first step in response to this decision was to mock him, after he posted a story on his Instagram account with emojis laughing and mocking, in a clear indication of his lack of acceptance of Zamalek's decision.

The 24-year-old did not stop there, and did not even attend the investigation held on Monday at the headquarters of Zamalek, unlike Sobhi and Zanari.

Fattouh's contract with Zamalek expires at the end of the current season, and he has the right to sign for any club in January to join him for free next summer.

ZED was one of the most prominent people interested in signing Fattouh, but after the recent incident the club announced that it would not include the player, while Al-Ahly and Pyramids remain on the line of aspirants to obtain the services of the left-back.

It is noteworthy that Zamalek contacted the Egyptian Football Association to prevent the suspended trio from joining the Egyptian national team in the next international break as part of punishment.

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