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After years of estrangement. The return of relations between Zamalek and Ahly

It seems that Egyptian football is about to start a new chapter in the coming period, and talk specifically about the relationship between the administrations of Al-Ahly and Zamalek after the arrival of Hussein Labib to head the White Castle.

Al Ahly had sent congratulations to the board of directors of the new Zamalek elected led by Labib, and then came out Adly Al-Qai'i, head of the ball company in the red club, to confirm that the next stage will witness a significant difference from the previous in the relationship of the two clubs.

Hussein Labib took advantage of Ahly congratulations in the perfect way to respond through Zamalek's official accounts on social networking sites, and announces that he will invite Ahliy President Mahmoud Khatib to visit the white club and the return of relations after a long period of interruption.

Since Mortada Mansour took over the presidency of Zamalek in 2014 and did not occur any visits between the two clubs, but the atmosphere was at its worst ever and reached the extent of the judiciary, which ruled for Khatib imprisoned the famous lawyer for a month on charges of insult and slander, and that was the nucleus of his removal from the presidency of Zamalek later.

Under the era of Hussein Labib as head of the interim committee for the management of Zamalek in 2021, the relationship was not good with Al-Ahly, but the new president of the White Knight in all his recent interviews stressed that there is a new chapter that will open in the relationship of the two parties in the next stage.

It remains to be noted that the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports has confirmed the strength of the relationship between the two parties by announcing the existence of talks to hold a friendly match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek whose proceeds will go to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

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