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After Stegen.. Gavi suffers an injury with Spain and leaves the field crying

Updated: Nov 20

Javi crying after leaving injured in the Spanish national team match

Barcelona suffered a new blow in the international break, as Gavi left the match between Spain and Georgia injured after only 21 minutes of its start, and he also began to cry from the severity of his pain.

Goalkeeper Ter Stegen returned to Barcelona two days ago after suffering severe back pain while participating in German national team training.

The next victim of the international break in Catalonia is Gavi, who left the Georgia match with his hand on his right knee and experiencing severe pain that does not indicate that it is just a minor injury.

Gavi was not subjected to violent interference or anything of the sort. Rather, his knee twisted while he was receiving a ball with his chest. This sprain is very worrying and warns of the possibility of a tear in one of the ligaments or a severe injury to the knee itself.

Immediately, the Catalan newspapers revealed that the news coming from the Spanish national team was not reassuring, and that the 18-year-old’s year might be over, if the injury was not worse than expected and would keep him out of the stadiums for a longer period.

It is noteworthy that Real Madrid lost the duo Eduardo Camavinga and Vinicius Junior until the end of 2023 after they suffered injuries with France and Brazil.

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