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After shooting and deaths. Luis Diaz's father freed from kidnapping

The kidnapping of Liverpool's father and mother Luis Diaz came to an end after Colombian police succeeded in freeing the father late on Sunday after a bloody battle with the kidnappers.

While Diaz's father and mother were fueling their car, they were kidnapped by an armed gang, and his mother was released a few hours later while his father remained locked up amid numerous attempts by the police and the intervention of the army to search for him.

Hours later, the police succeeded in locating Díaz's father in the La Guajira area, went into a confrontation with the gang that kidnapped his father, killed two of them and finally succeeded in freeing the father.

Later, police revealed that the main plot of the gang was to transfer Luis Diaz's father from Colombia to Venezuela, and from there he demanded a large ransom from the player whose salary is more than £100,000 a week with Liverpool.

But after all Barrancas outlets were closed, with great pressure on the gang and a £40,000 reward for reporting any information leading to Diaz's father, the liberation effort was successful and the gang's plan failed.

Diaz missed the Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest match due to these events, and the English club and all the Reds players showed great support for the 24-year-old in his ordeal.

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