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After months of boycotting. The ice "melting" between Real Madrid and Barcelona management

The ice seems to be finally melting between the Real Madrid and Barcelona administrations, after a period of tension over the crisis over the Catalan club's bribery of former vice-president of the Spanish referees committee José Luis Negrera.

According to what was revealed by the newspaper "Sport" close to Barcelona, the president of the Blaugrana, Joan Laporta, decided to invite the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, to dinner before the Clásico clash between the two teams next Saturday.

The dinner invitation is a tradition before all Clásico matches, but Laporta cancelled it in last season's La Liga and Copa Clásico after Real Madrid's offensive stance against the Catalans and joining the ranks of those calling for the club to be punished in the Negrera case.

But what Perez announced in the Madrid press that he was attending the next Camp Nou match was enough for an immediate reaction from Laporta by repeating the old tradition and inviting his long-time rivals to dinner.

The "Sport" that the invitation will not mean the end of the dispute between the two parties, but that the thorny crises between the two rivals still exist, especially with what Barca considers attempts by Real Madrid to influence the referees and other controversial issues between the two clubs.

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