Osasuna: The referee gave Barcelona victory over us!

Osasuna’s coach and players launched a fierce attack on the refereeing in the Barcelona match, and considered it a reason for the Catalan club’s victory over them and reaching the Spanish Super Cup final.

Osasuna’s objections began because of Barça’s first goal, which came through Robert Lewandowski due to a foul they called for at the beginning of the game against the Blaugrana.

After the match, David Garcia spoke angrily about the refereeing, saying, “Everyone saw the number of fouls the referee was calling in favor of Barcelona, especially in the first half.”

He also added, “It was clear today, and I also think it is clear that Lewandowski’s goal should have been disallowed. There was an error at the beginning of the game.”

As for goalkeeper Sergio Herrera, he also attacked the refereeing and considered that the Super Cup was directed in favor of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“This tournament is designed for Real Madrid or Barcelona to win,” Herrera told the media after the match.

He concluded, “This matter is very clear. Real Madrid and Barcelona are the ones who bring in the money. Anyone who does not agree on this does not watch football.”

For his part, coach Ijoba Arrasati did not hide his dissatisfaction as well, and said in the press conference, “It is clear that the first goal game was a mistake.”

He added, “We feel the extent of the damage, because the standards were completely different throughout the match. We really feel hurt by the first goal because it was a deciding factor in the course of the match.”

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