Officially: The Spanish judiciary decides… Did Barcelona bribe the referees?

The curtain has come down on Barcelona’s bribery case against former Vice-Chairman of the Spanish Referees Committee, Jose Luis Negreira, with a confirmed result reached by the Spanish judiciary.

Barcelona was accused of bribing Negreira with more than 8 million euros over a period of nearly 10 years, after this money was paid to the former referee’s company.

The newspaper “Sport” revealed that Judge Joaquín Aguirre, who is ruling on the Negreira case, reached a conclusive conclusion after a series of investigations, which is that Barcelona is not involved in buying referees, or manipulating the results.

Investigations confirm that Barcelona was paying money to Negreira’s company only for consultations, while there is no concrete evidence that Negreira influenced the results or had the authority to direct arbitration in favor of Barcelona.

At the same time, the case will continue only because of some tax crimes that have nothing to do with sports corruption.

Finally, there is no concrete evidence that Negreira gave money from the funds he obtained from Barcelona to any referee or institution, and therefore Barcelona is completely innocent of charges of bribery.

It is noteworthy that Real Madrid has entered as an injured party in this case, and because of this, relations between it and Barcelona have become severely strained, and perhaps the final ruling may open a new page between the two clubs in the coming period.

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