Officially… China punishes Messi in its own way!

China has decided to cancel hosting the friendly match between Argentina and Nigeria next March due to Lionel Messi.

The secret behind the Chinese anger at the Flea is his non-participation in the friendly match between Inter Miami and the Hong Kong Stars.

Some media there had said that Messi was serving an anti-Hong Kong agenda and aimed to subvert the country, so he refused to participate in the match despite 40,000 spectators crowding to watch him.

The anger moved from Hong Kong, which is under Chinese sovereignty, to Beijing, where it was officially announced that the friendly match between Argentina and Nigeria had been cancelled.

An official statement from the Chinese company organizing the match said, “As a commercial event, the company negotiated with the Argentine national football team about holding a friendly match in March of this year in the city of Hangzhou.”

The statement continued, “In light of the current clearly known reasons, and according to the concerned authorities, the conditions are not suitable for holding the friendly match, and accordingly, we have decided to cancel the match.”

It is also assumed that an announcement will be made within the next few hours about the cancellation of the friendly match between Côte d’Ivoire and Argentina scheduled for the same time period in Beijing.

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