Mohamed Salah celebrates Christmas “shyly” due to the violence in Gaza

Mohamed Salah posted a tweet on his X account in which he expressed how heavy the celebration of Christmas this year is due to the violence in the Middle East.

“Christmas is a time when families come together and celebrate,” Salah wrote on his account, attaching a picture of the Christmas tree.

He also added, “As the brutal war in the Middle East continues, especially the death and destruction in Gaza, this year we celebrate Christmas with very heavy hearts and share the pain of those families who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.”

He concluded, “Please do not forget them and do not get used to their suffering. Merry Christmas.”

Salah had previously posted a video in which he called for an end to the war and suffering for everyone, weeks after the outbreak of war in Gaza.
Salah will be busy during the Christmas period, playing two matches with Liverpool in the English Premier League, before heading to Egypt to prepare for the African Cup of Nations.

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