Messi is a “spy” and is threatened with being banned from entering this country!

Lionel Messi is facing a wave of attacks in Hong Kong, so much so that there are theories he is plotting to harm the country.

The story began when Messi did not participate in his team, Inter Miami, in a friendly match against local league players, despite the stadium being crowded with 40,000 spectators.

The contract between the organizing company and Inter Miami stipulated that Messi would participate for at least 45 minutes in the match, but according to what the Argentine himself announced, the injury prevented that.

The Hong Kong government strongly attacked Messi, and also resorted to legal action against the organizing company, considering that it financed the event only for Messi to participate in it.

The company tried to exonerate itself by saying that the injury was the cause, and it also revealed that it had asked Messi to speak to the fans and explain the reasons for his non-participation, but the player refused.

Messi appeared a few days later in the match between Inter Miami and Vissel Kobe, after which a new wave of attacks began against him inside Hong Kong, to the point of calling him a spy.

The Global Times newspaper said that Messi’s treatment in this way was politically motivated, as if he had conspired with Hong Kong’s enemies in order to stop this economically and touristically stimulating event.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong government’s chief advisor, Regina Ip, called for Messi to be banned from entering the country again in response to all his actions, calling her a “hypocrite and a disgusting liar.”

It is noteworthy that the fans who attended the match from the stadium will receive a refund of 50% of the value of their tickets as compensation for Messi’s absence from the match.

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