Marca: Real Madrid is targeting 3 high-caliber deals next summer

Real Madrid’s management has identified 3 high-caliber deals to make during the next summer Mercato, according to what was confirmed by the newspaper “Marca”.

Of course, the first and most important deal will be the contract with Kylian Mbappe, and it seems that the Royal Club is very close to settling this matter.

Because of the large cost that Real Madrid will pay to sign Mbappe, this will cast a shadow over the rest of the Mercato, so Florentino Perez will be content with including only other players.

Real Madrid officials believe that the left-back position is in dire need of support with an option that can be relied upon for years, and here the choice fell on Alphonso Davies.

The Bayern Munich player’s contract expires in 2025, and renewal negotiations between him and Bayern Munich are stalled, and Real Madrid wants to take advantage of the situation and the player’s desire to join the club to sign him.

The deal is not expected to cost the Merengue coffers much, given that there is one year remaining in Davies’ contract with Bayern, the German club will agree to an amount ranging from 40 to 50 million euros only.

The third and final deal will be to support the centre-back, which is the current priority demanded by coach Carlo Ancelotti.

Real Madrid management settled on the name of Lille defender Lenny Yoro, and has already begun communicating with him so that his contract with his French club will not be renewed, and with it the value of the deal will decrease next summer.

The 18-year-old, like Davis, expires in 2025, so he is not expected to be costly to Real Madrid’s coffers.

3 major signings are Real Madrid’s summer plan: Kylian Mbappe for the attack, Alphonso Davies for the left back, and Lenny Euro for the defense line, and all of these goals seem within reach.

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