“Mancini is a cowardly, disrespectful person who suffers from a psychological complex.”

Saudi football legend, Yasser Al-Qahtani, launched a fierce attack against Saudi national team coach Roberto Mancini due to his recent statements against those excluded from Al Akhdar List for the Asian Cup.

Mancini had caused a huge surprise by announcing that the trio, Salman Al-Faraj, Nawaf Al-Aqidi and Sultan Al-Ghannam, were the ones who refused to join the Saudi team in the Asian Cup.

Al-Faraj then defended himself and demanded an investigation, denying that what the Italian coach said had anything to do with reality.

Al-Qahtani took the line of the Saudi players and lied to Mancini, as he said before the match between Saudi Arabia and Oman while he was in the beIN Sports studio to analyze the match, “Mancini is a disrespectful person.”

He also added, “He is a coward and cannot confront the players.”

He concluded, “The coach has a psychological complex, and the patriotism of these players should not be questioned.”

Some press reports in recent days suggested that Mancini is unhappy in Saudi Arabia, and that the Asian Cup may be his last days with Al Akhdar.

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