Laporte demands the Puskas Award after his legendary goal against Inter Miami

Aymeric Laporte, Al-Nasr player, asked to win the 2024 Puskas Award for the most beautiful goal of the year after his wonderful goal against Inter Miami.

At the beginning of the match between Al-Nasr and Inter Miami, Laporte took advantage of the goalkeeper’s advance to shoot the ball from the middle of the field and into the net of the Kingdom Arena.

The Spanish international spoke after the match, which ended with Al-Nasr winning 6-0, and said about this goal, “Everyone told me that I would be nominated for the Puskas Award because of it. I hope so.”

He also added, “I always wanted to score in this way. As soon as I noticed the goalkeeper’s progress, I decided to shoot towards the goal from this competition.”

He concluded, “I am proud that I scored such a goal, because I made the decision very quickly and the accuracy of the shot was perfect. I am really happy.”

Perhaps Laporte’s goal will definitely enter the list of the best this year, but 2024 is still early and other great goals are expected, so the former City player has not yet secured the title.

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