Laporta: If he wasn’t Xavi, I would have expelled him from Barcelona immediately!

Barcelona president Joan Laporta revealed that he would have fired any other coach from the Catalan club if he had made a decision similar to what Xavi Hernandez took.

The coach had announced after the 5-3 loss to Villarreal that he would leave coaching Barcelona at the end of the season. Laporta confirms that such decisions are not acceptable to him, but Xavi’s personality prevents him from having a strong reaction.

In a lengthy interview with Radio Catalunya, Laporta said about Xavi, “Xavi told me that what was best for him and the club was to leave. I asked him to think again, but he assured me that he had thought a lot about the matter.”

He also added, “I told him that I accepted this formula so that he would continue until next June, just because he is Xavi. If it had been any other coach, I would have fired him immediately.”

He continued, “In the first half of the current season, the team qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League, and last year we won the league and the Super Cup. All of this made me accept Xavi’s decision.”

When asked about the identity of the Blaugrana’s new coach, he replied, “The matter is in the hands of Deco, the sporting director. At this moment, I have complete confidence in Xavi until the end of the season.”

He concluded, “I will not dismiss Xavi no matter what happens in the remainder of this season, and in general I never thought about dismissing Xavi when the results declined.”

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