Kroos embarrasses Bayern Munich and provokes the Saudi fans again!

Toni Kroos’s press conference before the Real Madrid-Leipzig match did not go unnoticed, as it included a new provocation from the German to the Saudi fans.

Kroos was subjected to a barrage of boos while participating with Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia because of his views rejecting the Kingdom’s sports investments.

Kroos was asked again during the Leipzig match conference about this matter, to which he replied, “These whistles made me make sure that I was right in what I said.”

As for what was said that Thomas Tuchel wants to return Kroos to Bayern Munich again next summer, the 32-year-old’s response was very embarrassing.

Kroos said: “To be clear, I will not return to Bayern Munich again, that will never happen.”

He continued, “I always feel proud when any club or coach wants me, but I will not return to Bayern Munich.”

It is noteworthy that during the same conference, Kroos confirmed that he had not made his final decision regarding whether to retire from football at the end of the current season or whether he would renew his contract for an additional year with Real Madrid.

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