Klopp: I specialize in second place, and I am desperate to compete with Manchester City!

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp believes that he does not need to watch Manchester City’s matches because he knows very well the scenario that always occurs in them.

Liverpool was defeated 3-1 by Arsenal, giving Manchester City the opportunity to take the lead in the English Premier League if it wins its two postponed matches.

Klopp was asked about the impact of this on Liverpool, and he answered desperately, saying, “Since the final whistle, I did not think for a moment about the number of matches Manchester City will play, who they will play and how they will play, not for a second.”

He also added, “But I don’t feel nervous now because there are two games in hand for City. We always expect City to win all the matches, and to be 100 percent honest, we don’t even have to watch them, even when they are 1-0 down and then it’s 3-1 or whatever.” Another thing, it’s always like this.”

He continued, “Look, if you want to find a specialist who becomes a champion in England, I’m probably not the right person to ask because we finished second most of the time, so I’m sorry to say that.”

He concluded, “You have to win as many matches as possible, but if you are to become champion you have to win all the matches, that really makes things more difficult.”

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