Klopp: I reject the European Super League, but UEFA must be confronted!

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp confirmed that he stands against the establishment of the European Super League and his position will not change, but he directed sharp criticism at the European Football Association.

Liverpool had published an official statement in which it declared its opposition to the European Super League and that it did not intend to join it under any circumstances.

Klopp took advantage of the press conference for the Arsenal match to talk about the matter, and said, “I agree 100% with the statement issued by the club regarding the European Super League.

He added, “I would also like UEFA and the rest of the local and international federations to understand that they cannot do everything they want.”

He concluded, “They cannot add more matches without anyone telling them something. I love the European Union, but it has suffered some tremors recently.”

In his speech, Klopp meant UEFA’s decision to increase the number of Champions League matches next season, as each team in the first stage, which will be instead of groups, will play 8 matches, up from only 6.

Klopp was not the only one who called on UEFA to stop increasing the number of matches as it destroys players and increases injuries. However, the European Union is still determined in its position in order to make more money and gain the satisfaction of all the clubs of the Old Continent.

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