Klopp hints at retiring from coaching after his departure from Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp hinted that coaching Liverpool might be his last step in his career as a coach due to his “running out of energy.” He also stressed that even if he returned to coaching, he would not coach another English team.

The German coach announced earlier that at the end of the current season he would leave coaching Liverpool, and during his announcement he revealed that he was somewhat tired of the coaching profession.

Klopp said about this, “If you ask me whether you will work as a coach again, I will tell you now no, but I do not know how I will feel because it is the first time I have been without a job.”

He also added, “What I know for sure is that I will not coach another club in England other than Liverpool, 100%. This is not possible. My love for this club and my respect for the people is very great. I will never think about it.”

He continued, “But after all, will I work again? Of course, I know myself, I cannot sit back. I will find something else, perhaps to do. But I will not coach a club or a national team for at least a year. This is not possible. I cannot do it and I do not want to.” “.

He concluded in this regard, “It is a strange situation because I have to explain that I no longer have the energy.”

It is noteworthy that some speculation has spread that Klopp might coach the German national team after the next Euro with the end of Julian Nagelsmann’s contract, but it seems that the matter is outside the calculations of the current Reds coach.

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