Is Barcelona lying about the cause of Pedri’s recent injury?

The newspaper “Sport” published a controversial report about Pedri Gonzalez and his recent injury, considering that the reasons given by the Barcelona administration for the player’s absence from the Blaugrana are most likely false and incorrect.

Pedri returned from injury at the end of last November, but less than a month later it was announced that he would be absent for another two weeks after suffering a blow that caused a muscle injury, as Barcelona announced in an official statement.

But “Sport” confirms that Pedri’s record with muscle injuries confirms that he was not hit by anyone in training, but rather it is a new setback.

Over the course of 4 years, Pedri suffered 7 muscle injuries, 2 of which were in this season only, and this comes primarily due to the inability of the technical staff and physical officials in Barcelona to deal with the player physically properly.

The report cited the words of one of Barcelona’s former fitness coaches that training Sergio Busquets is not like Ousmane Dembélé, as each player has his own needs and his own method of training in line with his physical abilities, otherwise he would fail.

At the same time, Barcelona is not the only culprit in Pedri’s injuries. Rather, the newspaper goes on to ask about the lifestyle that Pedri himself follows, and whether he stays up late a lot or eats harmful foods.

All of these factors were ultimately the cause of the 21-year-old’s downfall, and threatened his football career despite all the skills he had shown since arriving at Barça in 2019.

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