How did Real Madrid “pity” Barcelona from all sides?

The Relevo network published an exciting report that Real Madrid no longer considers Barcelona a competitor to it, whether economically or sportingly.

According to the report, Real Madrid’s slogan in dealing with Barcelona in the recent period has become a popular saying within the Santiago Bernabeu, which is, “Leave them alone, they have enough crises.”

From a sporting point of view, there is a belief that Barcelona began its decline since the departure of Lionel Messi in the summer of 2021, after which the technical crises continued until it reached the current situation with Xavi Hernandez.

Clearly, Barcelona’s project is not moving in the right direction, and it cannot be considered an actual competitor to Real Madrid given the differences in capabilities at all levels.

On the other hand, Barcelona is no longer a competitor to Real Madrid for any major deal, and the Royal Club now only fears the English clubs or Bayern Munich when trying to include any new player.

Barcelona is suffering from a severe economic crisis, and cannot sign new players, and thus it becomes impossible for it to compete with Real Madrid for most of the big stars, and the conflict between the two has become only over small deals, such as Arda Guler last summer.

Real Madrid and Barcelona remain in a common boat, which is the European Super League, which is perhaps what makes the Merengue administration “pity” the Catalans and say leave them alone instead of competing with them athletically or economically.

Real Madrid will be happy if Barcelona succeeds in returning from its economic crisis, and now the intention is clear that any crises between the two clubs will not escalate in the hope that the European Super League will go smoothly, so the decision from the capital is to leave Barcelona in its never-ending crises and not provoke more of them in the coming period. .

The view of the Florentino Pérez administration has become that the new sporting competitor within Spain is Atletico Madrid and, to a lesser extent, Girona. Economically, it has absolute dominance within La Liga, and the only danger comes from England.

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