Hazard: Messi is better than Me, but Ronaldo is not!

Former Real Madrid player Eden Hazard believes that only Lionel Messi was better than his fellow talent, while Cristiano Ronaldo did not surpass him.

Hazard retired from football at the end of last season after complete chaos at Real Madrid, but before that he was one of the most important stars in the world with Chelsea and Lille.

Newborn David was asked about which celebrity was better than him, and he replied, “Maybe only Messi is the player who was better than me. I would have loved to watch him at Barcelona, but then no.”

“As he deals with talent, Cristiano Ronaldo is not better than me, perhaps he is better than what he presented in the world of football.”

When asked if he wanted to have Ronaldo’s mentality, he replied, “No, if I was like him, I would burn.”

He completed a formal bath, “I can’t imagine myself after training staying in good shape for an hour, and I want to be with my friends and go home. This was my way of recovering. If I were like Rondalo, you wouldn’t inevitably burn.”

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