Guardiola reveals Haaland’s position on the Tottenham match

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola announced Erling Haaland’s absence from Tottenham’s match on Friday in the FA Cup.

The Norwegian international has been absent from City since last December after suffering a muscle strain, and although Guardiola confirmed that the injury is not serious, his absence from the field lasted longer than expected.

In the press conference for the Tottenham match, Guardiola was asked about Haaland’s condition and readiness for the Tottenham match. He replied, “Haaland trained with us and appeared well, but he is not fully fit.”

He also added, “He is a great player and I hope he returns, but we cannot rush it, otherwise we will suffer a setback and lose him for a longer period.”

Despite Haaland’s injury, other injuries, and the departure of Kalvin Phillips, Guardiola confirmed in this conference that City does not intend to make any contracts in the remaining days of the winter transfer market.

The Spanish philosopher concluded, “Our current goal is to continue working with this group of players. We will not conclude other deals.”

It is noteworthy that City signed Claudio Echeveri from River Plate, with the player remaining in Argentina until next winter and joining Guardiola’s squad from January 2025.

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