Fanzword fans choose the best player in the Asian Cup… Arab dominance

The curtain came down last Saturday on the 2023 Asian Cup, which Qatar hosted and succeeded in winning after defeating the Jordanian national team 3-1 in the final match.

The Asian World Cup was the most popular in the history of the competition in terms of attendance in the stands, and in terms of matches, it was more than just exciting and enjoyable for football fans.

As usual, the Fanzword application allows users to interact with the events of the tournament matches in various ways, and perhaps one of these ways was evaluating the players.

Over the course of each match in the tournament, Fanzword users selected the best and evaluated the players, and thus we extract the final selection of the best players in the competition from the point of view of our users.

It is noteworthy that player evaluation is an essential part that allows you to win valuable Fanzword prizes.

Below, we will learn together about the best player in the 2023 Asian Cup, chosen by Fanzword fans.. Continue reading until the end.

3. Yazan Al-Naimat

Although he did not score against Malaysia, he received a high rating from Fanzword users, 7, then he received a rating of 6.8 after participating with a goal in the 2-2 draw against South Korea, and a rating of 6 in the Bahrain match.

In the round of 16 against Iraq, he was one of the stars of the match with his wonderful goal in the last moments of the first half, and as a result he received a rating of 7.2 to become the man of the match.

As for Tajikistan in the quarter-finals, he shared the advantage with Al-Taamari with a rating of 6.8, and in the semi-finals he got 7.2, and finally in the final he was the man of the match from Jordan with a rating of 6.8.

Thus, Al-Naimat’s average rating in the Asian Cup now stands at 6.8, making him the third highest-rated player among Fanzord users throughout the competition.

  • 2. Musa Al-Taamari

Before the start of the competition, Musa Al-Taamari announced that the Jordanian team would not go as a guest of honor and that its goal was to reach the Losail final, and indeed the Montpellier star fulfilled his promise.

Since Jordan’s first match against Malaysia, Al-Taamari excelled by scoring two goals, with which he received a rating of 7.8, then he received a rating of 6.6 in the 2-2 draw with South Korea. He did not participate in Bahrain’s final match in the group stage.

With the round of 16, Al-Taamari’s brilliance increased, specifically in the epic Iraq match, and although he did not score goals, he was the second best Jordanian player with a rating of 7.1.

In the quarter-final against Tajikistan, Al-Taamari received a rating of 6.8, then he was the first star of the match against South Korea in the semi-final, with a rating of 7.8 after his wonderful goal.

Perhaps Al-Taamari did not perform as expected in the final due to the strong Qatari defence, but he received a rating of 6.5 from Fanzword fans.

Musa Al-Taamari’s average rating in the Asian Cup was 7.1, making him the third best player in the competition according to Fanzword users.

  • 1. Akram Afif

There is no voice louder than that of Akram Afif, who was the man for all the Qatar national team’s matches in the Asian Cup as voted by Fanzword fans.

Since the opening match against Lebanon, Afif has shone, scoring 8 goals in the 2023 edition and also winning the competition’s best player award.

7.6 against Lebanon, 7.5 against Tajikistan, 6.5 in the China match (substitute), and 7.4 against Palestine in the round of 16 are the fans’ ratings for Akram Afif in the first rounds.

In the quarter-final against Uzbekistan, he scored 6.5, then 7.5 against Iran, and finally 8.1 in the final against Jordan.

Afif’s average rating from Fanzword fans is 7.3, making him the best in the Asian Cup as chosen by our users.

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