Egypt wants to dismiss Vitoria, and a major crisis prevents that!

Egyptian media reported that the trend within the Egyptian Football Association is to dismiss Rui Vitoria from coaching the Egypt national team after his modest participation in the African Cup of Nations.

The Pharaohs bid farewell to the Nations Cup in the round of 16 after losing to the Congolese national team on penalties, in a tournament in which Egypt did not achieve any victory, and was content with 3 draws in the group and then a defeat in the final 16.

According to various reports, the members of the Football Association in Egypt met and decided that there was no way for the national team to continue its career in the coming period with Vitoria.

The position of 4 other members remains unknown: Hazem Imam, who originally contracted with Vitoria, Mohamed Barakat, and the president of the federation, Gamal Allam, as well as Khaled Al-Dirandali, his deputy.

Even if all members decide to dismiss Vitoria, there is a huge obstacle represented by the value of the Portuguese coach’s release clause with Egypt.

Vitoria receives more than $200,000 a month, and his contract stipulates the possibility of termination in the event of not achieving the Cup of Nations in exchange for a penalty clause worth 3 months’ salary.

This means that the Egyptian Football Association must raise more than $600,000, a maximum of two weeks from the end of Egypt’s journey in the Nations Cup, as required by the contract, which is extremely difficult.

The former Benfica coach’s contract with Egypt still extends until the 2026 World Cup, but he is now receiving great popular disapproval, especially since the performance in the African Nations was the worst in many decades.

The biggest crisis is that if Vitoria continues after two weeks, the only way to fire him is to give him the rest of his full salary, that is, approximately 5 million dollars, which makes his survival until the World Cup almost inevitable.

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