Days after Messi crowned them… Ronaldo: I don’t believe in the Ballon d’Or or the Best!

Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Al-Nasr, gave an interview with the Portuguese newspaper Record, during which he revealed that he believes that the Ballon d’Or and The Best awards have already lost their credibility.

The Don’s speech comes a few days after Lionel Messi won the third The Best Award in his history, and a few months after he won the eighth Ballon d’Or, while Ronaldo was not on the list of candidates in the first place.

Ronaldo won 3 awards at once during the Globe Soccer Awards, which were the best player in the world as voted by fans, the best player in the Middle East, and the Maradona award for best scorer.

When the 39-year-old was asked about the Ballon d’Or and the Best from FIFA, he replied, “They have already lost their credibility.”

He also added, “I’m not saying that Messi doesn’t deserve to win it, or Haaland, or even Mbappe, but the numbers there are no longer decisive.”

He continued his controversial speech, “You have to look at the entire season. The numbers are facts and must be taken into account.”

He concluded, “I don’t believe in these awards anymore.”

It is noteworthy that Cristiano Ronaldo previously won the Ballon d’Or on 5 occasions, and also won the Best Award twice in its first two editions, in 2016 and 2017.

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