Confusion in Real Madrid and demands for a huge sacrifice from Mbappe

ESPN reported that there is a state of confusion within the Real Madrid administration regarding the salary that Kylian Mbappé is supposed to receive if he joins the Royal Club.

Spanish media had previously revealed that Mbappe’s potential salary with Real Madrid could reach 30 million euros per year.

But the latest report indicates that Florentino Perez’s management wants to give Mbappe the same salary as the first category, meaning that he will receive only approximately 10 million euros annually.

This salary is only received by the duo Jude Bellingham and Vinicius Junior, and the Real Madrid management does not want Mbappe to receive a higher salary so as not to break the salary structure in the club.

The Real Madrid administration has not made its final decision in this regard, but most likely it will give Mbappe an offer with this salary, and with it the matter will require a great sacrifice from the French international.

Reports from France suggest that Paris Saint-Germain are willing to give Mbappe more than €100 million per year, and other reports say the salary will be €70 million.

In both cases, Real Madrid is asking Mbappe to make a huge sacrifice, as in the best case scenario, the 25-year-old’s salary at the Santiago Bernabeu will not reach 30 million euros, if not 10 million as is possible.

Perez tries to tempt Mbappe with the fact that the glories that await him cannot be achieved with huge amounts of money, but the player’s mother, Faiza Lamari, remains the biggest crisis because of her desire to achieve as much money as possible for her son.

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