Chance for Messi and Argentina? FIFA threatens Brazil with a heavy penalty before Copa America

The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has warned Brazilian football of a suspension from international participation, whether for teams or national teams, in the coming period, against the backdrop of the removal of the president of the Brazilian Federation by a decision of a local court.

FIFA laws prohibit governments from interfering in football institutions at all costs, so the Rio court’s decision to dismiss Edinaldo Rodriguez is a major failure that threatens Brazilian football.

According to Radio Monte Carlo, FIFA made clear in its warning that it is not permissible to remove the president in this way, and that exclusion may be the fate of Brazilian clubs and national teams if the decision is confirmed and new elections are held for the Football Association.

At the same time, a strange response came from the Brazilian Federation’s observer, Jose Perdez, when he stressed the necessity of holding new elections on the date specified by the Brazilian judiciary, in violation of FIFA rules.

It remains unknown how FIFA will deal with the new elections and whether it will actually turn its warning into reality and exclude Brazil from all tournaments.

The Brazilian national team is supposed to participate in the Copa America next June, and if FIFA decides, then Samba will not participate for the first time in history in the South American national team competition.

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