Benzema asks to leave Al-Ittihad and the club agrees on an unfair condition!

The French news agency, Agence France-Presse, reported that Karim Benzema asked Al-Ittihad management to leave during the current winter Mercato.

The 36-year-old attributed his desire to leave to the large amount of pressure he has been exposed to in the recent period, which makes him unable to perform as expected with the Jeddah Tigers.

Benzema did not ask to leave permanently from Al-Ittihad, but rather his desire so far is to leave “temporarily” and return next season, and whether or not he will continue is being discussed.

Al-Ittihad agreed in principle to Benzema’s departure, but stipulated a clear condition: that his departure be on loan to a club within the Saudi League.

The Real Madrid player rejected the idea, as he wants to return to European football again in the remainder of this season.

Benzema has an extended contract with Al-Ittihad until the summer of 2025, and the desire of officials of the Saudi Investment Fund (owner of Al-Ittihad) to keep him remains clear and strong.

It is expected that the coming days will witness new meetings to discuss the matter, during which Benzema will try to convince the Saudis to leave, especially since his relationship with coach Marcelo Gallardo has reached its worst stage.

It remains to be noted that Gallardo absolutely refuses to have Benzema join the team’s camp in the Emirates due to his delay in arriving in Saudi Arabia, and the player is currently training alone in Jeddah.

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