Barcelona’s contract with Klopp is possible… hope in one thing!

The newspaper “Bild” reported that the option of coaching Barcelona may be accepted by Jurgen Klopp, contrary to what has been raised about the impossibility of the idea.

Catalan newspapers agreed that Barcelona President Joan Laporta dreams of Klopp being Xavi’s successor.

At the same time, Klopp has previously announced that he will not work next year in any club or national team and that he prefers to rest and may perhaps retire from coaching.

According to the “Bild” report, Barcelona is an option that may appeal to Klopp, whose family owns a farm in Mallorca, Spain, and prefers to live there.

In general, Barcelona’s only hope of contracting with Klopp is for his wife to agree to the matter first, who will have the greatest influence on the German’s next step in his career.

The Klopp family may prefer life in Spain after years of suffering with the stormy weather and extreme cold in Liverpool, in contrast to the distinctive atmosphere in Barcelona.

In any case, it remains difficult to sign Klopp next summer, but it is not impossible as it might be said.

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