Barcelona stipulates one condition for Lewandowski to continue next season

Talk continues about Robert Lewandowski’s future in Barcelona, and the latest reports suggest that he will continue with the Catalan club next season, but under one condition stipulated by Joan Laporta’s management.

The Polish international’s contract with Barcelona is still extended until the summer of 2025, with the option to extend for another year.

But as the 36-year-old’s performance declined and he advanced in age, talk began about the possibility of selling him, especially with the great interest of Saudi League clubs in including him.

The newspaper “Sport” reported that the Barcelona administration still has confidence in Lewandowski, but will begin negotiations with his agent Pini Zahavi in order to reduce his salary and continue with him next season.

When Lewandowski joined Barcelona, he agreed to reduce his salary and increase his salary on an annual basis in a manner consistent with the rules of financial fair play.
Now, in light of the current circumstances, Barça’s management would like to negotiate this condition, so that Lewa will remain in exchange for reducing his salary and making way for the possibility of contracting with other players next season.
Lewa’s position on this proposal is still unknown, but in light of the good relationship between Zahavi and the Barcelona administration, it is expected that the two parties will succeed in reaching an agreement.

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