Barcelona president opens fire on Real Madrid: All this and they say arbitration helps us!

Barcelona president Joan Laporta launched a sharp attack on Real Madrid and accused the refereeing of favoring the royal club, despite allegations of the opposite.

Recently, Real Madrid TV carried out several campaigns in which it strongly attacked refereeing, which, according to Laporta, cast a bad shadow over the referees.

At the same time, Real Madrid entered as an injured party in the case of Barcelona’s bribery of the former vice-president of the Spanish Referees Committee, José Luis Niguerera, which the Catalans deny categorically.

In his interview with Catalunya Radio, Laporta said about what has been happening recently, “Barcelona TV has never put pressure on arbitration like Real Madrid TV does.”

He also added, “The Referees Committee or the Spanish Federation must intervene and stop this matter. What Real Madrid TV is doing is malicious propaganda and a real shame.”

He concluded, “Look at what happened in the match between Real Madrid and Almeria. After all this, they say that refereeing helps Barcelona. We are very angry.”

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