Argentina opens its door to Messi to achieve a new historic achievement

Javier Mascherano, coach of the Argentine Olympic team, announced his absolute approval for Lionel Messi to participate with his team in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Some press reports had indicated Messi’s desire to be present with Tango in the upcoming Olympics, in continuation of his historic achievements with his country in recent years.

Mascherano responded to this news in media statements, saying, “The doors of the Argentine national team are open to Leo. He is the one who decides what he wants. This is the reality.”

He also added, “If we qualify and he wants to participate, of course we welcome him. We have a great friendship and I would certainly be happy if he was with us in the Olympics.”

So far, the Argentine national team has not decided on its presence in the Olympics, as the South American qualifiers will be held during the next two weeks, with only two teams qualifying for the competition held in Paris.

Messi previously participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and was Argentina’s first star, leading it to achieve the gold medal.

In practice, the chance of Messi participating in the Olympics remains difficult, given his participation in the first summer in the Copa America with Argentina, from June 24 to July 14, while the Olympics begin on July 26.

During that period, Inter Miami will be busy competing in the League Cup and the American League, which makes it likely that the flea will not be present in the French capital if his country qualifies for the major competition unless he has a great desire to do so.

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